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Our Services

Technical/ Functional Traning

We cover a wide range of service for our global clients. We have access on all kind of Technical or Functional Consultants to cover your  training needs of your maintenance or production department teams. Services usually be charged to clients on hourly or man day’s basis. End of each training secession a Certificate of Attendance be issued to all team members.

Technical or Functional consultant could be mobilized from UK or from our partners (Asian countries) because of visa or other governmental issues. 

Selling of Used Tetra Pak Lines

We often contacted by our clients for selling or for buying their Tetra Pak Lines. We play a “Broker Role” within this process, and arrange a site visit of our qualified engineers for inspection/ assessment purpose.

 Based on engineer’s Technical Evaluation Report, we play “Advisory” role for our buyer or seller clients. By this way, we help them to find best client/ best price for them.

Tetra Simply 8 Lines

We Have More Than 1000 Products

We have more than 1000 products, starting from Gaskets, “O” Rings, Dollys, Pressure Rollers, Mushroom Dollys, to hardcore heavy-duty mettle items.

For any production line, all parts are very important for its operation. As per standard SOP’s of a production lines  many parts MUST be replace for starting new batch of production for example Knife Cutters, Dollys, and so on.

Following is a list of few items that must be changed on each production batch for any Tetra Pak Lines.


2-Dolly Cutting

3-Cutting Knife

4-Pressure Rollers (Different Kind)

5-“O” Rings (Different Kind)

6-Gaskets (Different Kind)

7-CIP Cup Gaskets

8-Rubber Strips




All customers are requested to write Tetra Pak “Part Number” for any order. Without this, order will not be accepted.


Special Manufacturing Oders

We are able to design or manufacture any kind of parts for Tetra Pak Lines or any other machines belongs to Cement Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, or any others.

Our state of the art precision engineering machines can make 100% accuracy with pre-defined standards.

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