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Uni Tetra

We Are a UK based company, providing all kind of Tetra Pak machine “Replacement” parts to our global customers.

We cover a wide range of parts with high quality and low price. Our manufactured parts are 40% more in life, are saving more than 20% cost of operations.


We can manufacture  most of item by our state of the art Precision Engineering Machines, under the supervision of    highly qualified, experienced team of professionals.

We just need a sample from you, rest is our job to give you 100% accurately manufactured item for your regular or mass production order.

We Are Amazing

We contribute a significant role in your Operational Cost Savings!

Strategic Partnership

Our Strategic Partnership start with our clients by their first call or email communication. We consider their requirements very seriously, and respond them within 2-3 working day by checking our stock availability.

Since we are working with our global clients so we maintain very strictly an inventory level to fulfill their requirements on timely manner.

Tetra Pak Product Lines

We provide replacement parts for the  following Tetra Pak Lines.






Aseptic A1

Aseptic A3

Exclusive Dealership

As per our business strategy, we assigned exclusive partners for regional coverage.

For  Middle East DNA Company is our Authorized Dealer/ Partner.

Similarly, we have coverage in Bangladesh, Indian, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

While Uni Tetra (UK) covers the EU countries.

Innovative Technology

Quality Standards

We don’t compromise on quality matters at all for our products or services. We follow international standards of Quality Assurance.

We always encourage our clients for their feedback for our continuous improvements.

Thousand of Products

Quick Customer Support

Fast Shipment

We Have Many Happy Global Customers

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